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CGMP Audits per 21 CFR Part 111 and 117

Audit of Firms own Manufacturing, Packaging and Testing Facilities

These audits allow for an independent assessment of the firms processes and procedures and provide an opportunity to learn quality systems being utilized by other firms.

Third Party Contract Manufacturers

If a firm outsources a Manufacturing and or Packaging  process, the FDA holds the outsourcing firm responsible for CGMP compliance of the Contract Manufacturer.

Third Party Contract Laboratories

If a firm outsources raw material or finished product testing, the FDA holds the outsourcing firm responsible for CGMP compliance of the Third Party Laboratory.

 Raw Material Suppliers

The CGMPs  require all ingredients used in Dietary Supplements to be “qualified” by verifying the Certificate of Analysis (COA) is reliable and performing an on-site compliance audit.

Mitchell GMP Compliance and Consulting Services
Mitchell GMP Compliance and Consulting Services


Generation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • For all Quality Systems from Receiving through Distribution

Written procedures (SOPs) must be generated for all aspects of a firm’s activities. These SOPs must be approved by the Quality Unit and documentation must exist to show all personnel have been trained and the procedures have been implemented as written.


Generation of Raw Material and Finished Product Specifications

CGMPs require that firms establish testing specifications that are necessary to ensure the purity, strength, and composition of both raw materials and finished product.

Mitchell GMP Compliance and Consulting Services
Mitchell GMP Compliance and Consulting Services


Generation of Master Manufacturing Records (MMRs), Production Batch Records (PBRs) and Master Packaging Records (MPRs)

CGMP regulations require that an MMR is generated for each batch size of a Dietary Supplement manufactured including the specific item number for each raw material to be used. PBRs must reflect the formulation and manufacturing directions contained in the MMR and list all ingredient lot numbers utilized to manufacture the finished product which allows traceability of each ingredient back to the raw material supplier.


A MPR is similar to an MMR but has to reference the Bulk Lot Number being packaged and Item Numbers that reference the packaging components used as well as the specific label that is to be applied. As with the PBR component lot numbers need to be listed to allow traceability of the packaging components to the component suppliers


CGMP Training Programs

Part 111 regulations require CGMP training to be performed at least annually. This training needs to be documented and include subject matter and identification of employees trained.

Although not specifically stated the FDA generally requires a firm to document that the training was effective. The effectiveness of the training can be determined through the administration of a test to all attendees.

Mitchell GMP Compliance and Consulting Services

I had the pleasure to work with Joseph Mitchell during the 2019-2020 period. I found Joe to be well prepared technically, with great business acumen, on almost every subject matter within the dietary supplement industry. This included; test methods, operational procedures, certifications, regulations, process understanding and specifications. Most of all, I found Joe’s interpersonal attentiveness to be above expectations. I may be speaking on behalf of many, but everyone I know of whom has worked with Joe, valued and enjoyed the experience.

Even under the most stressful of times to achieve company targets, launch dates or other deadlines, Joe made the challenge both a learning experience and enjoyable. We solved problems, achieved deadlines and goals together, as a team. He united us cross functionally and we felt we could achieve almost anything, and we did.

The words I think of when considering Joe’s strengths are; integrity, trust, a resource, always willing to listen, open-mindedness, collaborations, enjoyable, goal oriented, customer focused and people caring.

Any organization, project or assignment would benefit in the hands of Joe Mitchell.
My team and I were lucky to have worked with him and for which we are grateful.

Craig Stapleton - Quality Manager, Innophos